The Drydock - Episode 156

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00:00:00 - Intro

00:00:42 - How different would the war in thr Atlantic be had the Bismarck been able to reach German Air Cover?

00:04:57 - Hood refit turrets?

00:09:58 - Who had the most realistic naval doctrine going into WW2?

00:16:41 - Could the Saipan class have been as successful as the Majestics?

00:20:19 - Why only a few cruisers at most of the Gudalcanal engagements (and wider tactical considerations)?

00:26:40 - Did navies have captive coal fields and specific mines to supply their fleets or did they just buy the best coal off the market?

00:29:28 - How did steam ships manage to get out of port quickly in emergency situations?

00:33:12 - Why was the 410mm bomb/shell able to do such devastating damage to Arizona when it had negligible success against other ships such as Tennessee?

00:37:44 - Books reflecting the life of the men of the navy.

00:40:26 - Admiral Tryon

00:47:13 - Before the Dreadnaught was designed, was there a specific designation for the type of battleship we now call a Pre-Dreadnaught, or were they simply referred to as a "Battle Ship"?

00:49:07 - We hear a lot about the performance of the Type 93 Long Lance, and for good reason, but how did Japan's pre-Type 93 arsenal compare to the torpedoes in other navies?

00:50:29 - Battle of the Phillipine Sea, all IJN aircraft are fighters?

00:54:01 - USN Bombardment Monitors of 1917

00:57:19 - Avenger torpedo bomber radio range

01:00:13 - In the ironclad era, other than the US Civil War, were there any other major riverine ironclad naval clashes?

01:01:20 - Channel Admin

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