Bergen, Norway: Walking in Bergen

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WE are here in Bergen in a inside fish market and we are going to check out the prices. We are going to learn the different name of the different fish! The prices are not cheap but the quality is amazing. A lot of fresh fish. You can order and have it cooked right there at one of many restaurants in the area. Just be ware of the prices. Make sure you understand so you do not end up with a huge bill! AS we have said before, fishing was on of the main reasons this areas we so profitable through out the period. Bergen is not different being a port town. The town because the center of a trading period. The town was able to collect huge sums of money due trading. All the trading from east and west north Europe had to stop in Bergen. Bergen with its local merchandise was able to profit from both angles. The top positing on the trading period lasted for many years. Bergen was once the capital of Norway but lost that position to Oslo. Bergen however remains the second largest city in Norway. It's past has not always been easy. Fire has marked and destroyed the city to the ashes. Of many fires the one from 1702 being the worse. Bergen today stands tall and strong with many things to see: Fish market, Bryggan German settlement, museums, art galleries and etc.
People travel: Stavanger to Berben, Oslo to Bergen and stop in Olden
Hotels to stay: Hotel Rdisson Blue Royal
Places to visit: Briksdall glacier, Briksdal National park,
On the fjord: Fjords Byfjorden
Bergen weather forecast:
Bergen restaurant: The Unicorn Fish Restaurant
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